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Conveniently located in beautiful Davidson County, North Carolina, Piedmont Crossing retirement community offers comfortable surroundings and all the services and amenities you need to make living easy, enjoyable, and stimulating.

Our community combines small-town grace with the convenience of nearby cities such as Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem.

For more than 35 years, Piedmont Crossing has been known as a destination of choice for North Carolina retirement living. As a not-for-profit continuing care community, owned and operated by EveryAge, formerly United Church Homes and Services (UCHS), Piedmont Crossing is home to dynamic people with a passion for life, ideas, activity, and engagement.

Mission & History

EveryAge, formerly United Church Homes and Services (UCHS), is a Christian ministry providing vibrant living opportunities, diverse programs of outreach and compassionate services. Our vision is enriching lives by providing the right services, at the right time, in the right setting. We are fortunate to serve over 2000 older adults each year at eleven (11) locations across North Carolina and Virginia and employ over 1000 individuals.

The Leadership Team

Doug Russell

Doug Russell

Executive Director

Jan Briggs

Jan Briggs

Nursing Home Administrator

Penny Winfree

Penny Winfree

Director of Marketing

Erin Bell

Erin Bell

Director of Nursing

Dennis Sink

Dennis Sink

Director of Admissions

Special Programs

Passport to Travel

Visit Seattle’s Space Needle, enjoy the desert sunrise in Phoenix, or visit the world’s largest living history museum at Colonial Williamsburg — the whole USA is waiting to be explored with the Passport to Travel Program!

The Passport to Travel program — created by United Church of Christ’s Council for Health and Human Services Ministries (CHHSM) — enables residents at CHHSM-related senior living communities to lodge free of charge at a sister community of their choice for up to two weeks. Without the expense of lodging, experience the excitement of new cities and enjoy the welcoming hospitality of places that feel like home—simply for the transportation cost and incidentals.

Ready to pack your bags?
Contact the program representative at Piedmont Crossing or visit us online.


Grant-a-Dream works to support the fulfillment of resident dreams they are unable to experience on their own. Some dreams are priceless and do not have any monetary expense. In cases where there are costs, a designated fund through the EveryAge Foundation, supports reasonable expenses for a dream to be covered.

Once a Grant-a-Dream application is submitted, the Dream Team reviews the request. Examples of past dreams include baking like the resident did as a young woman or a retired fireman desiring to ride a fire truck as he did 30 years ago.

Anyone can donate to the designated Grant a Dream fund by mailing a gift or visiting us at www.everyage.org/foundation.

Kids Only Childcare Center

Kids Only is a not-for-profit full-service childcare center operated on the campus of Piedmont Crossing. A ministry of EveryAge, Kids Only childcare services are available to anyone in the community. Kids Only believes every child deserves an opportunity to grow and learn in a warm and nurturing environment, with experienced individuals who focus on the needs of the child. Kids Only is a top-rated childcare center committed to each child’s overall well-being in a secure and stable setting grounded in principles that nurture and inspire children to continuously explore, learn and develop their abilities.

Located on the Piedmont Crossing campus:
202 Shuler Circle in Thomasville, NC
Hours 6:30am-5:30pm
Childcare number: 336-474-8700
Rates as of October 1, 2021

Ages of Children Regular Rate 10% Reduction for Prepayment 25% Employee Discount
Birth-1 year old $201 $181 $151
1 year old-2 years old $199 $180 $150
2 years old $195 $176 $147
3 years old-5 years old $179 $162 $135
NC Pre-K Afterschool Rates $92 (During School)
$179 (During summer)
$83 (During School)
$162 (During summer)
$69 (During School)
$135 (During summer)

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

Continuing Care Retirement Communities are designed for older adults. They offer a continuum of care including independent living, in-home services, assisted living, skilled nursing, and short-term rehabilitative care all in a campus setting.

What is the lifestyle at Piedmont Crossing?

Piedmont Crossing is home to active people with a love for life. Residents at Piedmont Crossing enjoy a purpose-filled lifestyle with opportunities to volunteer, attend on-campus events like art classes and educational lectures, or go on outings to a variety of destinations, exercise, read a book in the Veranda Library, or have lunch in the Bistro. The choices are endless.

Is independent living right for me?

A resident living in independent living at Piedmont Crossing desires a low-stress lifestyle where maintenance, lawn care and other worries are taken care of. Residents in independent living are offered a program of activities and events, but are free to come and go as they please. In-home care is available for individuals residing in independent living.

May I customize a home?

Yes, in most cases residents may choose from a variety of interior finishes (paint, flooring, etc.) to customize their home. Some selections could be considered an upgrade and will be an additional fee. Once you select your future home, the Marketing Department will provide additional information about customization.

Is there a discount available to veterans?

Yes, those who have served our country in a branch of the U.S. military are eligible for a one-time reduced residency fee in the amount of $2,500. One military promotion may be used per unit.

May I bring a pet?

Yes, Piedmont Crossing is pet-friendly. Some restrictions may apply depending on the location of residence. We kindly ask you to keep your pets vaccines up-to-date with their records available as well as a contingency plan in place for your pet’s care in the event you are unable to do so.

Can I have overnight guests?

Yes, visitors are welcome to stay in your home. Guest accommodations are available on campus by reservation (fees apply). There are restrictions on extended stays.

What are my dining options?

Piedmont Crossing offers several options for dining. The Hearth Dining Room offers a full menu with table services and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Bistro is available for lunch, Monday through Friday. There are several special evening meals and events per month. Meal delivery may be available at designated times.

Do I need to be a certain denomination to live at Piedmont Crossing?

No, Piedmont Crossing is open to those of any spirituality. All are welcome. Our Spiritual Life Department can help you locate a local church if interested.

What happens when a couple needs different care levels?

This is a common question. Some care can be provided by our licensed in-home care agency. When additional care is needed, a spouse may choose to stay in independent living and the other spouse needing care will relocate to gain access to the appropriate services. At Piedmont Crossing, our catered living apartments offer an opportunity for a couple to be under one roof and receive different levels of care.

I live out of state. Can I still move there and what is the process?

Yes, residents move to Piedmont Crossing from other states. There are tools (like a virtual tour) we can provide to reduce your need to physically be on campus until the move. The Marketing Department can work with you to make this process as convenient and easy as possible.

Do you offer transportation?

Yes, we offer a variety of transportation services to medical appointments, personal outings, airport, etc. Fees may apply.

What is the next step to becoming a resident at Piedmont Crossing?

We invite you to visit our community and see first-hand why so many active, older adults call Piedmont Crossing home. Come meet our residents, dine in the Bistro, and feel the hometown friendliness that makes Piedmont Crossing a retirement destination.

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